Dr. Lisa Christiansen Quick Facts

Dr. Lisa Christiansen Quick Facts

Main Areas: Empowerment; Personal and Business Success
Best Sellers: 101 Great Ways To Enhance Your Career, Think And Grow Rich ~ Original 1937 Version: Including Updated Workbook Using The Christiansen Code For Women, Men, and Children Of All Ages, My GPS To Success, Wealth Mastery In 24 Weeks: Lessons From The Master Key System, Two Millimeter Shift, Forgiveness To Fitness: Exercise And Nutrition Plan With Journal
Career Focus: Author; Speaker; Entrepreneur; Business Leader
Affiliation: Lisa Christiansen Companies; Take Action Foundation, Infinity Plus, and Christiansen Code Academy.
Creator of extraordinary lives, Lisa Christiansen has served as an advisor to leaders around the world for the last two decades. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnaround and peak performance, Lisa has consulted olympic athletes, world renowned musicians, Fortune 500 CEOs, psychologists, and world-class entertainers.

Lisa’s strategies for achieving lasting results and fulfillment are regarded as the platinum standard in the coaching industry. Lisa captured the attention of heads of state and the U.S. Army.

Christiansen has impacted the lives of millions of people from 80 countries. Lisa has been honored by Cambridge Society of Who’s Who as one of the “Top Business Intellectuals in the World,”

Lisa’s phenomenal success in network marketing has led to the publication of 2 popular e-books and has placed her in high demand with those wanting to know the secrets to that success. In fact, Lisa was so successful at her business, she was reprimanded for her explosive levels of growth and told she’d have to cool it. Naturally she focused her energy in another business, which quickly resulted in triple the success in half the time. A Doctor of Nutrition and Fitness, Lisa lives by example. She is a passionate advocate of healing the body through exercise, diet, and forgiveness, believing that a change in psychology brings about a needed change in physiology. A dedicated enthusiast and master of self-improvement and human-needs psychology, Lisa has traveled the world studying human potential. The successful application of such mastery in each of the areas of her own life reinforces the notion that success leaves clues. Lisa has participated in the full spectrum of the human experience. She has been down in the depths and risen through the ashes a phoenix with each adversity she’s experienced. Her ability to harness potential challenges and unleash them as sheer kinetic accomplishment makes Lisa the ideal coach, mentor, and speaker.


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